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Nouvel is a European trend, communication and innovation consultancy. We nurture the development of new products, services and business models that drive profitable growth. In the process we invent and help people be more inventive. Let us help you unlock the promise of innovation.

“Your culture is not the values you list on the wall. It’s not what you say at an all-hands. It’s not even what you… https://t.co/QPanLlwuuk
22:03:35  •  04 Nov 2019
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That is a Big, ambitious goal! Realistic? BBC News - Fast fashion: Zara promises all its clothes will be sustainabl… https://t.co/5bAiPtheus
08:36:10  •  19 Jul 2019
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Can this device democratize access to PC? Atlas of the Future | The seven dollar PC | https://t.co/w3zcv9EBvY @atlasfuture
08:47:46  •  18 Jul 2019
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#ExponentialDay Catalonia is ready for exponential disruption! Thanks #accio https://t.co/3uIMJgQy0J
10:43:58  •  17 Jul 2019
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RT @emprencat: Recordem la visitar al #Pier01 de @bcntechcity amb els #players del #iFestCat. Pas a pas coneixem diversos recursos #emprene…
08:38:50  •  29 Dec 2018
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After Corona now Coke.. Is CBD IT? -- Coca-Cola says it's looking at potential cannabis drinks business https://t.co/zmiso3oV8L
14:39:02  •  19 Sep 2018
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What other applications could such tattoo have? https://t.co/LK0mQ3bOsn
11:07:05  •  03 Aug 2018
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Google Enters Deal With Carrefour to Sell Food Online in France https://t.co/rBr6Yl47ci
17:40:23  •  11 Jun 2018
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RT @MiquelMarti11: Barcelona is considered the 3rd city in Europe for startup founders - Atomico Report 2017 @bcntechcity How Barcelona is…
08:12:36  •  26 Feb 2018
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Europe’s car sharing services seem so small compared to Uber and Didi. But most importantly who ultimately control’… https://t.co/EKzj3p2e1q
21:51:51  •  18 Feb 2018
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Spider silk startup Bolt Threads closes on $123 million in Series D funding | TechCrunch https://t.co/u2JgltvhIe
11:38:07  •  12 Feb 2018
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Top US meditation teacher brings his message to stressed-out Britons https://t.co/k5JORZqRxB
20:03:08  •  11 Feb 2018
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RT @nachog: 1) Mailtrack, Barcelona, Senior PHP Developer, (40k-50k) https://t.co/IujibiAZ6i (Please RT! tnx!) Incorporación ya, info/númer…
17:26:26  •  27 Jan 2018
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RT @francesca_bria: BCN aspires to be a digitally-sovereign city – a city which uses tech & data to empower citizens, deliver better public…
12:04:20  •  08 Dec 2017
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#adoptoiwopi https://t.co/zmsiFgtw3i
11:35:56  •  30 Nov 2017
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RT @MateuHernandez: La marca Barcelona, tocada pero no hundida https://t.co/s3Fhu9L3gn vía @Elperiodico @BarcelonaGlobal @lluisgomez1 @mane…
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India and China's populations are changing in very different ways. Here's why https://t.co/PjvdRrtelm vía @wef
19:32:23  •  01 Oct 2017
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The Best Leaders Know a Complex World Demands an Improvised Response https://t.co/aQhp6f5YcF vía @singularityhub
22:01:40  •  29 Sep 2017
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#ExponentialDay Catalonia is ready for exponential disruption! Thanks #accio https://t.co/3uIMJgQy0J
10:43:58  •  17 Jul 2019
#adoptoiwopi https://t.co/zmsiFgtw3i
11:35:56  •  30 Nov 2017

Every engagement is as unique as our customer’s context. Be it vision & strategy, insights & ideas, rapid prototyping or scaling we use a variety a tools and methodologies tu develop and co-create the best approach to each challenge. Customers and people are always central to our work. The following is just a sample of the types of distinct services we excel at.



Our tailored workshops bring your team up to speed on the latest consumer trends impacting your (and adjacent) industries. Observing and analysing how others achieve consumer engagement, we work on developing new products/services and business models. Together we transform consumer insights into concrete growth opportunities. Bootcamps are custom designed 1-3 day innovation programs in which we activate teams to design, prototype and test solutions.

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Safaris are urban learning expeditions that promote the free flow of ideas, generate insights and enable teams to collaborate on new business opportunities. Our custom designed itineraries lead teams across central and off-beat locations meeting thought leaders whilst exploring a unique blend of locations (incl. new retail concepts, culturally relevant urban developments, highly differentiated service providers). Safaris are a great way to kickoff our Innovation Workshops & Bootcamps and can be organised in any European or World capital.

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Bespoke Business Intelligence

Gain global, in depth product and marketing insights through our commissioned reports. We draw on a multitude of sources (including a global network of savvy ‘scouts’) to critically observe what is happening across more than 20 industry verticals. Tailored to your specific requirements, our reports quickly provide you with an incisive snapshot of any consumer category. For you this means early access to critical product information that you can translate into competitive product/service roadmaps.

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Every now and again we fall in love with clients and their vision. As a result we occasionally organize events, mainly in Barcelona, a city we live and breathe. We produce events in the same way we approach any project: with a mix of rigor, imagination, ambition and humility.

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Our diverse and multi-disciplinary team works at the intersection of culture, technology and entrepreneurship. We invent and help people invent brilliant answers to corporate innovation challenges. Nouvel’s founding team is composed of …

Noelia Morales

A trained lawyer Noelia has extensive international experience in marketing and product development with FMCG companies (including Chupa Chups where she developed flavours for the Japanese market). Her interest in consumer trends leads her to found Nouvel in 2004 to enable companies cope with innovation challenges and increasingly short product life cycles. Noelia also lectures and works with IESE, UAB and IED on innovation topics. She is fluent in Spanish, English, French and Portuguese.

Matthias Schneider

Matthias is a LBS alumn with a background in media and technology. He has led digital transformation and new product initiatives for large media (- he was Bloomberg’s first Head of Digital for EMEA) and has substantial experience as both intrapreneur and entrepreneur. His passion for innovation, people and technology leads him to deliver impactful corporate innovation programs drawing on years of experience with diverse methodologies and tools. Matthias has a truly global perspective but is also vested with Barcelona and Madrid’s vibrant tech and entrepreneurship ecosystem as organiser of NewCo. He is fluent in German, English, French and Spanish

Enric Granados 153 bajos 08008 Barcelona Tel: +34 934144342 Mobile Noelia: +34 630403125 Mobile Matthias: +34 666749634 info@nouvel.es